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Our Mission Statement: 

Aid Another was organized exclusively for charitable and outreach purposes. Specifically, Aid Another’s mission is to promote an environment of acceptance, understanding, and support of special needs children and establish a positive impact in the local community.

Our Purpose: 

Aid Another’s purpose is to promote awareness and education of special needs children in our community, empower special needs children with opportunities for social integration and community support, and create an environment of acceptance, support, understanding, and advocacy for special needs children, parents, and the community.

Our Vision: 

Aid Another’s vision is to establish a long-lasting relationship with special needs children and the community they reside in. It is their vision to help fulfill the adaptive needs of special needs children and to continue to foster a positive and successful relationship with the people in the community. Additionally, the vision is to create an environment where every single person is accepted and welcomed, regardless of ability or disability and create opportunities for families, community members, local leaders, and businesses to partner together to create an environment of acceptance and support for children with special needs.


Volunteers are needed! Presently, the Champions Tball team  (Great Neck Baseball) needs adult buddies and junior volunteers to assist the players on game days. The adult buddies and junior volunteers are on the baseball field with the players teaching, helping, and showing them how to play the great game of baseball. You can learn about the Champions team and register at www.gnbaseball.com! Click on the CHAMPIONS!  


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Every day a special needs child may be bullied or sit alone at the playground in our community. Every day a parent or family member of a special needs child may feel overwhelmed or hopeless.

Today is a day we can provide hope, provide acceptance, and provide an opportunity for social interaction and engagement. Today is the day you can be apart of the conversation and say, “I stand with you. I support you. I understand.”

Make today the day you AID a child. Make today the day you AID ANOTHER.